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Limbs Akimbo members:

Jim DeBlois – Lead Vocals Keyboard, Guitar   Dale Caddell – Lead Guitar
John Willis – Vocals, Bass                                           Chuck Curry – Trumpet, Vocals
Tim Matteson – Sax, Vocals, Flute                  Ron James – Drums, Vocals

The following press release is from our 2015 reunion concert. Stay tuned for any future events!


(FLAGSTAFF) If you lived in northern Arizona during the 1990s, the chances are good that you remember local band, Limbs Akimbo. The band developed a unique sound they called “funkasalsalypso” and had a good deal of regional success, culminating in the 1992 release of the album “Walking On the Coals”, and followed by a stint performing in Bangkok, Thailand for Evening Star Productions.

The band was a fixture at music festivals and on concert stages throughout the Southwest, opening for a wide variety of artists, including Meat Loaf, Poncho Sanchez, The Bonedaddys and many more. They were also a regular attraction at AZ nightclubs of the day: Charly’s in Flagstaff, Nolaz in Prescott, The Spirit Room in Jerome, and Chuy’s in Tempe, to name a few.

“I always thought Limbs Akimbo was the best, most original band to come out of Flagstaff”, says Jake Horine, former owner of Flagstaff’s premiere live music club of the era, The Monsoons. “There were other bands that were great, but they were different. Kind of a unique, world-beat thing.”

Although Limbs Akimbo remained a mainstay of the Arizona music scene well into the 2000s, the original Limbs began departing in 1993, consistently replaced by some of the best musicians in the state. And, although the “original six” have been discussing a reunion concert for several years, their various schedules have made it impossible. Until now.

“This night is going to be a lot more than just reminiscing. We’re all still serious players, and we’re really looking forward to getting back together and firing up that crazy energy the band used to have”, says bassist John Willis. “We’re coming to play!”

The “Original” Limbs Akimbo (Dale Caddell-guitar, Chuck Curry-trumpet/vocals, Jimmy DeBlois-vocals/keys/guitar, Ron James-drums/vocals, Tim Matteson-sax/vocals, John Willis-bass/vocals) will be appearing in concert on Sunday, May 24th at 7:00 pm at the Orpheum Theater, 15 W. Aspen Ave., Flagstaff, AZ 86001., 928-556-1580.

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